At Keter Medical Center we offer specialized care solutions to optimize your health and wellness. We care for your family as much as you do. We offer medical diagnosis and treatment solutions for your family- all in one location.

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At Keter Medical Center, we strive to provide quality care that is accessible, and patient focused. We work with the latest technology and an exceptional team of providers so you can count on us to deliver the best possible care.

We promote a large range of services to our patients in the Miami and surrounding areas as well as through telemedicine. We offer family medicine, men and women health services, pediatric care, senior care, plus much more.

Our mission at Keter Medical Center is to provide an environment fully focused on improving the primary care experience. We offer a wide range of preventative care services such as cancer screening, weight management, men and women’s health screenings as well as diagnosis and treatments for our elderly residents.

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